Owner Operator Truck Driver

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Roehl Transport
Owner Operator Flatbed Division
Roehl Flatbed Owner Operators have options for a compensation plan that is best for their business.
You can choose a percentage of revenue or a sliding mileage scale rate plan based on length of haul.
Our sliding mileage scale rate plan uses practical route miles which can add thousands of dollars to your compensation because you are compensated for more of the miles you actually drive.
Flatbed owner operators have mileage goals between 2,500 - 2,800 miles per week.
Roehl has 800 flatbed, single dropdeck , double dropdeck and removable gooseneck trailers meeting the needs of general commodity flatbed shippers to those requiring flatbed and over dimensional services.
Roehl flatbed owner operators deliver a wide range of products like steel, aluminum, lumber, heavy machinery and forestry equipment that help build the U.S.
Please call Jeff at for more information about our Owner Operator program.
About the Roehl Owner's Club
With reliable freight and one of the lowest OO turnover rates in the industry, you can leave the load boards, brokers and other jobs behind.
Because when it comes to putting owner operators on the road to success, with over 50 years of experience, Roehl Transport is the partner you can trust. Visit this page to learn more aboutRoehl Transport's Owner Operator program.
Owner Operator Truck Driver

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